The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) non profit chartered to work in the public interest to support, promote and develop the OASIS OpenDocument File Format affectionately known as "ODf".  

OpenDocument seeks to become the world's first "universal file format".  Because ODF so ably bridges the document gap between traditional desktop productivity environments and the emerging world or SOA, SaaS, and the Web 2.0,  ODF is central to the future of the Open Internet.  By joining with open source communities, proprietary vendors and traditional organizations in the work of perfecting truly Open Standards, the Foundation believes that the Open Internet we enjoy today will remain open for future generations to come.  In fact, our primary source of support comes from individuals and organizations who believe that the future of the Open Internet depends on the success of important open standards efforts like that of the ISO - OASIS OpenDocument XML file format.

The Foundation staff and volunteer employees support ODF in many ways.  Our primary focus of activity is that of direct participation in the ISO-OASIS OpenDocument specification process.  We also work on real world solutions where easy and non disruptive methods of implementing and transitioning to OpenDocument are valued.  The da Vinci project sits at the core of these efforts.  

As OpenDocument moves into the international open standards arena, where international trade agreements and broad compliance with other standards are critical concerns, Foundation members are there, working on emerging legal issues, guiding the OpenDocument specification .

The development of OpenDocument as the premier XML language and file format for desktop productivity environments; publication, content and archive management systems; Service Oriented Architectures; and the Open Internet continues.  As the demands and expectations surrounding OpenDocument expand and change, the involvement and contribution of Foundation members continues to rise to the occasion.  The citizens of the world are entering into a new digital civilization based on the Open Internet, where the highly interactive wonders of global connectivity and exchange continue to grow and engage more of our lives.  We believe ODf will be at the heart of all these events, needing the support of many individuals, organizations, and communities.  

The Age of Collaborative Computing has arrived, and with it the dawn of an XML driven Open Internet.  The time for OpenDocument has arrived.

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